Selling Your House To A Homebuyer VS A Real Estate Agent

Selling a home can be an annoying process for some, especially if you’re always busy. 

When you start to think about selling your home, working with a realtor might be one of your first options. However, other options might suit you better when it comes to selling a property.

Homebuyers have become popular lately because of how fast you can sell your house when working with them and receive a fair all-cash offer for your property.


There are key differences to consider when choosing to work either with a real state agent or a homebuyer. Here are some points to take into consideration:

Paying No Fees vs. Having To Pay Fees

With homebuyers, you won’t have to worry about paying hidden fees. Submitting your property into our website has no costs; therefore, you can submit it and wait for our reply with an ALL-CASH offer. 

When you’re working with realtors, there are many fees that you have to pay out in the entire process. Not only you need to pay the realtor, but you also have to pay fees that may be hidden in their contracts. 

Closing The Deal In A Week vs. Taking A Longer Time To Close A Deal

KC Home Cash Buyers can close the deal as soon as you want us to. Once you have the cash offer from us, you can tell us if you want to move forward or not. This is so beneficial for homeowners because you can get the money very quickly. 

Realtors tend to take more time to close the deal. You depend on potential buyers, so it can take you up to 6 months or more to sell your home.  

Making No Renovations vs. Renovating and Host Home Showings

KC Home Cash Buyers doesn’t care about the condition of your home. Once you post your property info into our website, you won’t have to worry about any renovations that need to be done; we’ll buy it as-is. 

Realtors tend to be picky about your home condition because they want it to be almost brand new. They will likely advise you to renovate it before posting your listing.

Enjoy the benefits of getting an ALL-CASH offer and selling your home in less than 7 days with the help of KC Home Cash Buyers in Kansas City.